Do You Need to Write a Book?

Can you build a successful business before you have a book? Of course you can. Lots of people have and do, including myself. But to go to that next level, to take it up a notch, to move from being just another coach, consultant and especially speaker, at some point in your career development, writing your book is the inevitable step. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Gain more trust and respect from prospects and peers—No matter how many books are out there, author is still the root of authority. When you have a book, you get more respect. Heck, just being committed to having a book grants you more respect, as long as you follow through.
  • Get interviewed in the media—yes, social media is an alternative to traditional media to gain exposure, but premier experts still set themselves apart by being featured in traditional media channels including magazines, TV, and radio. You can get interviewed as an expert in local markets without a book, but it’s very tough to move into the national media outlets without that book on your mantle as a testament to your expertise.
  • Stand out from other experts in your field—as I said earlier, anyone can say they’re an expert. Even today, only a handful have written and published their book.
  • Sell more of your products and services—a book is a terrific entrée to inspire others to get more involved with you and check out your programs and higher end products. When done properly, it helps to establish trust and rapport.
  • Charge higher prices—when you become a published author, your stock goes up, you move into designer-expert status, so you may command higher rates than an off-the-rack expert.
  • Get more invitations to speak and get paid for it—If you’ve ever sought opportunities to speak and get paid for your efforts, you will learn quickly that one of the first questions you will be asked is “do you have a book”? Speakers need a book. If you doubt me, just try and get signed to a speaker’s bureau without one.