"Pull My Ass Out of My Head!"

By Robin Colucci Yesterday, I woke up in a dark and foul mood. Just one of those days when all I could see was what I didn't want, and I struggled to find a positive focus. On days like that, I know the best cure for me is to take a walk around the park. So I hitched up my pug to his harness and we stepped out for an hour-long stroll.

On the walk, I made a point to thank myself for all of my efforts. I offered up gratitude for my life and everyone in it and by the time I got home, I'd once again found that motivating spark that keeps me going each day, whether I'm experiencing the results I want or not.

I had a call with my coach, and I told her about how the day had started, and then added, "I had to pull my ass out of my head." Of course, I had meant to say, "Pull my head out of my ass," but then I thought about it again.

Pull my ass out of my head was exactly what I had done. I mean, what part of me focuses on what's not happening, what I don't have, what I am upset at or annoyed about? The jack-ass!

I had allowed my inner jack-ass into my head, and it had to go. I pulled the jack-ass out when I shifted my focus to what I am grateful for.

So, next time you're in a funk, "Pull your ass out of your head!"

And make room for what you want.