Shameless Plug

By Robin Colucci My book, How to Write a Book That Sells You is out and it's now available on

After helping so many people make that transition to author-hood, I'm surprised to note that it doesn't feel all that different announcing my own book. I'm just as aware of all the hard work that went into it, all the ups, downs, and narrowly averted disasters. I'm keenly aware of still seeing little things I'd improve. But I know this never ends. At some point, all authors have to give their books the "good enough" stamp and get it on the press.

I'm noticing that other books are lining up in my consciousness, "Me next! Pick me!" they shout, competing for the new spot in the batter's box. And isn't it interesting that now that my book is out, I'm looking to the next horizon, the next evolution of my own work?

Getting my book complete and out has allowed me to understand where I am in my own conversation. Now that it's done, I can see more clearly where I am to focus next. That my work is with thought leaders--coaches, consultants, speakers, researchers, and public figures who have a powerful message to share and need to find a way to get it to the mass market. People who want to shake things up, challenge our assumptions, and change our ways of thinking.

The people who are geniuses at what they do, who excel in all areas of who they are, often having levels of understanding so sophisticated, their ideas may seem beyond the grasp of the mass market, and the dilemma becomes, "How do I connect this message to the reader and bring it home?" Up close. Personal. Palpable. My specialty.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what else unfolds in my journey and yours.

Go here to get the book. :)