Why I Have Great Parking Karma...and what I'm learning about manifesting

By Robin Colucci When I worked in Washington, D.C., I rode the Metro from my apartment in Northern Virginia and walked the few blocks along Connecticut Avenue on my way to and from work. Every day, I checked the parking meters at occupied spaces and added pocket change to the ones that were expired or nearly expired. I didn't own a car at the time, but I had compassion for the person who gets delayed at a meeting or on an errand just long enough to end up with a ticket. I enjoyed playing "Parking Meter Fairy" and giving them a little extra time.

Ever since I got a car, I've had astounding "luck" finding the perfect parking spot. Most times, when I pull up to the curb on a street that appears to be bumper to bumper full of cars, a space opens up right in front of my destination just as I arrive.

This went on for awhile before I thought to ask myself why I have such good luck finding a great parking space. When I remembered my good deeds toward probably hundreds of strangers at the D.C. parking meters, I thought perhaps that was the cause. My "parking karma" was good, thus limited frustration with parking was assured.

Over the years, I've asked myself, "Well, if my parking karma is so great, I wonder how I can have great relationship karma, or great money karma! What do I need to do to add that?"

Recently, I've come to see a possible "in." What if my "parking karma" isn't so good because I did all those good deeds? What if it's good because I have a positive expectation that it will be good?

When I'm in a situation that requires parking, I never question IF I will find a great space. I'm just on the lookout to see WHEN a great space will present itself. It never occurs to me that I might not find a great parking space. I picture myself finding one, and I already feel the joy of it and the gratitude for it even before I've found it.

When I think about looking for a parking space, I don't pay attention to all the spaces that are full, or ask why they are full, or why there can't be more spaces, or how long until one finally opens up. I just keep looking for the opportunity. I keep looking for the space that will open up right where I want it, when I want it, and it always does.

Now the experiment--if I look at manifesting a loving romantic partnership and wealth the same way, might I experience similar results?

Requirements are simple. Positive imagination. Positive expectation. And, of course, I've got to be in the metaphorical car. 

I notice that in the past it's been harder to imagine having a great love or great wealth than a great parking spot. But are they so different, really? If I spent as much energy telling myself all the reasons I can't have a great parking spot, I bet I wouldn't find those very often either.

Positive imagination. Positive expectation. Eyes open. Stay in the car. Check. Wish me "luck."