About Robin's Book

More than eighty percent of Americans believe they should write and publish a book, but less than one percent actually does so. In How to Write a Book That Sells You, author Robin Colucci guides coaches, consultants, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in writing and publishing a book that can become a power tool in their businesses. 

The steps presented in this guide seek to help you avoid or handle most of the blocks, distractions, and misunderstandings that prevent people from becoming authors. It teaches you how to excavate your most radical, leading-edge ideas and write a book that excites your audience and expands your impact. 

Rave Reviews


“Whether you’re just a beginner or a seasoned author, How to Write A Book that Sells You is required reading for success in today’s electronically evolving market." ~ Michael R. Drew, Promote A Book, 79 Consecutive Wall Street Journal, USA Today & New York Times best-sellers 

“Robin Colucci’s How to Write a Book That Sells You shows readers the steps to write a book that builds credibility, influence, and drives readers to buy. A must read for anyone who wants to profit beyond book sales.” ~ Jill Lublin, best selling author, Geurilla Publicity, Networking Magic, and Get Noticed, Get Referrals.

“If you are serious about creating a book that doesn’t limp across the finish line, you need Robin Colucci’s How to Write a Book That Sells You. It is the perfect launching pad to craft and create a book that generates superb credibility, connects you with your target audience, and seeds your financial empire. This is a title that delivers what it says. ~ Judith Briles, Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms 


"Robin Colucci's How to Write a Book that Sells You is a breakthrough for professionals who want to have the credibility, cache, and income that only comes when they have a book of their own. As a twice published author, I was struck by the brilliance of Ms. Colucci's method for helping readers discover their specific author personality and then utilize this crucial information to choose which of the best-selling book formats to work with as they write their book. I was fascinated to learn my author personality, and I learned a great deal about what makes me tick and how to work with my tendencies to fulfill my writing goals. In addition, the information in this book about the pitfalls and common mistakes that authors encounter and how to avoid them is worth the price of the book alone. Honestly, after writing for so long without this treasure-trove of guidance, using the information in this book almost feels like cheating." ~ Dayna Dunbar, award-winning author The Saints and Sinners of Okay County (Ballantine Books)


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Robin Colucci's How to Write a Book That Sells You shows readers the steps to write a book and is a must have for all authors ~ whether writing your first book or your sixty first, Robin will show you how to build your influence. Robin knows what drives sales and that's a must for all authors these days.

Click on the Read Inside and read Robin's Introduction. You will immediately see why this book exists and understand at a gut level what it can do for you and your work.

Even though my first book, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse is a #1 bestseller, I can't wait to apply what I learned as my book is now ready for its first major revision. Robin, thank you. Your book came with perfect timing. ~ Marcia Reece