Here's a sampling of the client's we've helped...

Cynthia Occelli Bio Picture.jpg

Cynthia Occelli, RESURRECTING VENUS (Hay house)

“I am so grateful for all of the outstanding and heartfelt work you’ve contributed to Resurrecting Venus. You are the one woman who could do it. I am so happy to have been led to you. Thank you.”

David wise, the spy who got away (random house) 

“Robin was indispensable in the preparation of my book, The Spy Who Got Away, which was serialized in Newsweek and was a featured selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club. I recommend her with great enthusiasm. Anyone who has the good fortune to acquire her talents will not regret it.”


Debra berndt, let love in (john Wiley & sons)

“When I met Robin. I told her I wanted to write a book. I told her all the reasons why I couldn’t write the book, I wasn’t qualified, I don’t know if I am a good writer, I am afraid to show my work. Robin told me that there is a chasm between where we are and where we want to be, and she would take me across that chasm. She did.  Robin has a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry that helped me avoid costly mistakes and wasting precious time. Everyone says they want to write a book. If you hire Robin, you will actually walk the talk."


"Robin Colucci, for coaxing this book out of me, so much gratitude."

Tom Panaggio, The Risk Advantage (River Grove Books)

“Thank you for all the guidance and help during the writing of this book. You truly pulled me from the brink of disaster, and I am grateful.”

Susan Dennard, Something Strange and Deadly (HarperTeen) 

“Thanks, Robin! You spurred me to get my butt in gear and finish my young adult manuscript. Well, I did, and I started querying agents two weeks ago. I’ve had four offers, and today I decided on The One to sign with. Thanks so much for inspiring me to stop obsessively revising my novel.”

Kieth McAslan, Due Diligence Secrets 

"Robin, thank you. This book could not have been written without your help and guidance."

Makael Newby, My Erotic Adventure for Women 

“Robin made the narrator’s voice more active, forced me to face my clichés and get creative, and really made me deal with some difficult sections…that didn’t work fully. Overall, the book is much more compelling from her input, and I will be forever grateful.” 

Dallas Teague-Snider, Professionally Polished  and Finding Dallas

"Thanks to Robin Colucci who saw the potential in me as a writer and pushed me to bring out (my) funny, vulnerable, and personal side. Her guidance and personal direction made this process a pleasure.”

Heather Korol, A Slice of Happy

"Thank you, Robin Colucci for your mystical and practical coaching on getting the first draft done and teaching me what it means to edit." 

Kristen Moeller,Waiting For Jack (Morgan James) 

“I hired Robin towards the end of writing my first book. Her brilliant and insightful editing and patient coaching helped me feel confident in launching this monumental project out into the world. I highly recommend Robin!!” 


Clay Stevens, Six Figures in Six Months

“Robin probably saved me $50,000 by helping me avoid two serious mistakes I was about to make. She is phenomenal at helping people write books on purpose with purpose so that they get the best reception in the market and get read by more people. I would encourage you to contact her to get your mind working on the best way to get your ideas to take shape and make the impact you want. Robin will rock your world.” 

Dayna Dunbar, The Saints and Sinners of Okay County (Ballantine Books) 

“Thanks to Robin Colucci’s brilliant and original approach to helping writers, I had a breakthrough on my current book that clarified exactly where I am going with it and how I will get there. For a writer, this is the dream. Experiencing this magical moment is what Robin promises, and for me, that promise was most definitely fulfilled.”


Michael Marciniak, Recover Your American Dream

“Robin got me focused, directed me to my target audience, gave me daily steps, and mentored and guided me the whole way through. There is no way I could have accomplished what I did without her help. No one should attempt authoring a book without having Robin by their side. She is so patient, incredibly talented, and now a great friend. I found her to be the most caring, most thorough and the most expert in her field… I cannot think of anyone better to get yourself going, write your book, and be successful than to hire her. I completely endorse Robin. She’s fantastic, and she’s a beautiful person.” 

Ashi, Bless Your Mess 

“Robin is an extraordinary innovator whose perception and vision guided me to a strategy that felt right for me. Her enthusiasm is contagious and instilled a sense of self-empowerment within a process that had previously felt foreign and untenable.” 


Penny Robichaux-Koontz, I Thought You Had a Bigger Dream 

"In your joy-filled delivery, you opened my mind to a huge industry with many opportunities (which got my juices flowing) and ultimately brought it down to the focus required for me to impact my market. Your coaching gave me the how, what, why, where and when to take each step....I need a coach, and I am blessed to have you. Am I a raving fan? Yes, I am. Thank you.” 

Mary Sue McAslan, Read the Prescription Label 

“Thank you for helping me take this book from a dream to a reality, but most especially, thank you for your special brand of humor, enthusiasm, and passion that enabled me to tell these difficult stories that I know will help to promote medication safely and save patient’s lives.” 

Added note: As a result of this book, Mary Sue went on to get a publishing deal to do a follow up book targeted to physicians.

L.R. Heartstrong, The Bones & Breath (White Cloud Press)

“I wanted to say thank you again for the brilliant bit of coaching in helping me to refine the title (which the publisher loves). Rolling forward into the publishing process, Thanksgiving has an extra special relevance this year. Such an abundance of grace! I hope your own holiday feels equally blessed… and that good things continue to manifest in abundance.” 

Jane Schreiner, Growing Home: A Novel   

“Thank you for the long months of labor you coached me through in delivering my author self. I appreciate you!”


Dr. Philip Agrios, Life’s One Law 

"Robin had insight into some of the comments I made (in my book), challenged me and gave me the opportunity to correct them before my readers did. I am forever indebted.” 

Brenda Abdilla, What's Your Lane?

"Robin, you are nothing short of a genius. You deliver, as promised and much, much more. I am blown away by what you did with I have been struggling and moving things around and of course what you say makes perfect sense. Thank you for your voice and humor in the edits and feedback—I need that.”