Get your book out of the 'to-do' column and into the world where it can do some good 

We offer a host of coaching as well as "Done For You With You" services to help you conceptualize, write, and, when appropriate, sell your book idea to publishers.

Develop Your Book’s Salable Concept-- Develop the book concept that connects with your audience and helps you share your message with impact. Robin asks you a series of questions in a couple of calls and then goes out and performs a market analysis of other books on or near your topic area. Armed with this information, together you decide on a salable concept for your book and create a rough outline. Fill out this application, and book a complimentary consultation.

Next, either go on to write the book, or prepare a book proposal, depending on your platform and your goals. Click here to apply and make an appointment for a discovery session to see how you can find the book concept that aligns with you and your vision and connects with the people you most want to reach.  

Write Your Book Proposal If you want to get a book deal with a traditional publisher, the first step is to get a literary agent and to get one of those, you’ll probably need a book proposal. Robin models the book proposals she writes after best-industry practices for book proposals that get bought. Don’t let the daunting prospect of preparing your own book proposal slow you down or stop you. Click here to fill out an application and set a meeting with Robin to explore if a book proposal is the right step for you.  

Write Your Book Yes, Robin knows you’re busy, and as much as you want to sit down and write the book yourself, it simply doesn’t make economic sense for you to take that much time away from your mission, purpose, or business. She gets it. That’s why she developed her done-for-you-with-you method. You focus on what you do best. Let us take the hard parts off your plate and help you get your book written and published! Through a series of in-depth interviews with you, and Robin’s team doing the writing, you can get your book finished fast, with less effort, and in your own voice. Apply here.


Our Mission

Through ghostwriting or coaching, our professional team helps leaders in thought and business and other change agents turn their bold ideas into published books that spur shifts in attitudes, beliefs, processes, and paradigms to help make the world a better place for everyone. 

Robin probably saved me $50,000 by helping me avoid 2 serious mistakes I was about to make, and now I have an awesome strategy for moving forward faster and with less frustration. She is phenomenal at helping people write books on purpose with purpose so that they get the best reception in the market and get read by more people. Robin will rock your world.”
— Clay Stevens, Founder, Ri Training, author Six Figures in Six Months.

What Our Clients Achieve

  • Write and publish bestselling and award-winning books
  • Get signed by top New York literary agents
  • Use their books to increase market reach and market share
  • Increase sales and income
  • Greater credibility 
  • Access to higher level conversations and clients
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Deliver greater value
  • Top-notch quality books with minimal investment of their own time